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A portrait of Eltern beraten Eltern von Kindern mit und ohne Behinderung e.V. (EbE)

Offers for families with impaired children:
•    Personal counseling interviews
•    Counseling for families
•    Counseling for distributors (social workers, administation workers, medicals, teachers, in kindergarten)
•    Topical parent conferences
•    Recreational activities
•    Exchange and networking
•    Working in boards

Frequent subjects of interest are:
•    Prenatal diagnosis
•    Kindergarten and school
•    Vocational education
•    Employment
•    (Assisted) Living
•    Separation of a child
•    Nursing care
•    Contact to authorities (youth welfare, social services)
•    Financial support options
•    Judicial aspects
•    Migration background and impairment
•    Assistance with establishing support groups

EbE is represented in:

  • Landesbeirat für Menschen mit Behinderung
  • Fachbeirat Inklusion
  • Fachbeirat Care Management
  • Arbeitskreis Gemeinsame Erziehung
  • Arbeitskreis Pränataldiagnostik
  • Runder Tisch Tempelhof Schöneberg
  • Verbändekonsultationen der Monitoringstelle (UN-BRK) des Deutschen Instituts für Menschenrechte
  • AG Frühe Hilfen Steglitz-Zehlendorf
  • Integrations-AG
  • AG Migration und Behinderung

Our concept / philosophy of counseling
Many of the us approaching families suffer from exasperating situations. Fighting psychic burdens they are troubled by social antagonism and request hurdles. Especially the support through the authorities lacks the necessary individual care and is without our help many a time unachieved.

EbE is focussed on empowerment of families. The exchange between parents, affiliated and assistants, but also the encounter of children / youngsters with and without impairment are of initial importance to mutual support. Both decrease angst and help children and youngsters with impairment to manage their lives confidently and self-determined. Common interviews allow to solve variable hassle.

In order to achieve common counseling and support, EbE makes use of 25 years of experience and expertise of its official and voluntary staff. Most of the staff members have children with impairment and of variable age.